December 08, 2016 9:21 AM EST
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Birmingham, Ala. mayor, city councilman hug it out after bloody fight
The mayor of Birmingham, Alabama, and a city councilman publicly...
Mass. Catholic school broke law by withdrawing job offer to gay man, judge rules
Rhode Island police investigate decades-old sex abuse allegations at St. George's prep school
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Bush in 2007 delivered eerily accurate warning about Iraq unrest
A prophetic warning from then-President George W. Bush before...
Cruz walks off stage after hecklers disrupt speech on Middle East Christians
Transparently bad: US whistleblowers feel blowback
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DOW up 297.84 | NAS up 60.76 | S&P up 29.12
(Data as of 2016-12-07 9:49 GMT)
U.S. Economic Policy Needs Reset: Opinion
With a new year underway and the Obama administration winding...
Who is the next Ronald Reagan in the 2016 GOP Field?
FBN Announces Primary Debates Candidate Lineup
Cookie Cutters Makes Haircuts Fun for Kids
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'Late Show' checks out L.A. locations amid James Corden takeover rumors
Rumors keep kicking up that CBS will give "The Late Show With...
Dolly Parton organizing telethon for Tenn. wildfire victims
Hollywood honors magazine's most powerful women picks
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Grandmother walking 400 miles to support homeless veterans
A grandmother is entering the final stretch of an epic 400-mile...
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Santa Claus fat shames 9-year-old boy
Santa Claus isn't exactly known for his trim figure, but that...
Don't drowse and drive: Sleepiness as risky as DUI
Woman battling breast cancer stunned after stranger helps pay for her family meal
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Bill and Hillary Clinton: Will scandal ever stick to the Clintons?
"This vast right-wing conspiracy," Hillary Clinton said, "has...
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